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We are Certified Social Media Marketing Strategists by Hubspot Academy - USA. We have been verified and confirmed a secure site by McAfee SECURE. We are in the market for over 33 years, and we own different brands like i-AWCS and Online Website CV . Both brands have their international customers and followers. We provide our customers with one stop digital marketing solution, beginning from social media advertising, Bing, Google and ending with mobile and sms adverts. We established partnership with 8 international market players like CANVA, Coursera, Envato Elements - Graphic Templates, Name Cheap Domains, Fiverr and Talent . In HalalWorld, we only choose trusted digital marketing platforms like Round Hosting among others.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We create a profile for your typical customer, and research millions of online users behaviors and interests. We check :

  • Families with or without children, singles,
  • People who are known for online purchasing
  • People who own houses
  • People with certain professions or interests

Social Media Management

A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation." But I can do that myself, you think. And you can - but not as effectively as a social media manager. Our SMM are dedicated to studying your social profiles and designing a plan to get your social presence the biggest reach by studying content, times, analytics, and much more that business owners actually running businesses just don't have time to do.

Social Media Advertising

Would you believe we could create an ad on Facebook that will only be shown to men in their thirties who live in KL, have 1 child under the age of 5, and own a home they bought less than a year ago? Imagine your carpet cleaning business targeting homeowners who have owned a home in Penang for 4 years and have shown interests in cleaning companies - can you imagine the leads generated from an ad like that? Rather than old school mediums like newspaper ads that take a "shotgun" approach with impressions.

Google Adwords & Bing Adverts

Google’s users are generally younger and more tech-savvy as compared to those of Bing. Being more tech-savvy translates to more comparison shopping and potentially lower conversion rates and higher cost-per-conversions. While Bing cost much lesser than Google, but it is more suited for older generations of 40 years and above.

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Email Marketing

Email has a 3.31% conversion rate and that outperforms search and social media by far.But, you might ask, doesn’t social media giant Facebook have the highest number of users? Guess what…email still beats Facebook by a huge margin. Email is the first and probably the best social channel for conversing with your audience. It commands the daily attention of most people, drives engagement and accelerates business results.

Website SEO

When it comes to SEO in general, keywords are king. From telling search engines what you're offering to attracting clients to your website - keywords make the world go 'round. Quality keywords make the world go 'round. We'll learn your business offering inside and out and combine what you offer with what your to-be clients are looking for and what search engines want to see. It's not easy! Which is why, if you're reading this, you realize that it's nearly impossible to run a business well and run a quality SEO campaign that actually works.

Capturing Sales Lead

We will study your typical customer profile, prepare a landing page, advertise your service with a well designed AD. We will capture potential customer contacts for you.

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Our Brands


Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing



  • MailChimp Setup & Integration
  • Pop-up Creation
  • Database Management
  • 2 Monthly Newsletter Blasts
  • Sales Funnel Email Creation
  • Promotion Management
Search Engine Ads


Monthly + Ad Spend

Google | Bing | Yahoo

  • Online Demographic Profile
  • Ad Creation / Testing
  • Ad Performance Analysis (Monthly)
  • Adwords Keyword Exploration
Social Media Ads


Monthly + Ad Spend

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

  • Social Page Optimization
  • Online Demographic Exploration
  • On-Page Conversion Optimization
  • Lead Form Ad Creation
  • Facebook Retargeting Integration
  • Weekly Ad Performance Reporting
Social Media Management
Most Popular



  • 3 Social Posts per Week
  • Facebook | LinkedIn | Google+ | Twitter
  • 2 Additional Blog Posts Monthly
  • Social Reputation Management
  • Promotion Management (sales, events)
  • Weekly Social Reporting

We specialize in digital marketing,
lead generation & product design

About Us

Early 2010 our team decided to change our direction towards product design and consultancy services. We worked with key players in Germany, Swiss, Finland, Sweden, Malaysia and KSA. Our projects value exceeded USD 51 million.

Early 2016, we launched i-Awcs, E-HalalWorld, Online Website CV and finally smart health brand in collaboration with Intelligence Com.

HalalWorld provides a one stop solution for local businesses to promote their products and services online.

HalalWorld is operated by a highly energetic multi-skilled team in Marketing, Graphic Design, IT, Cyber Security and Engineering .

How It Works

  • 1 Choose a marketing package that suits you.
  • 2 Give us a call to discuss about your exact requirement and budget.
  • 3 Pay the package and the intended Ad spend.
  • 4 Our team will research your target Audience, and prepare suitable Ads.
  • 5 We send you a weekly progress report .